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Custom Order Status is a quick and effective solution to enhance order tracking on your website. It provides a user-friendly interface to deliver a unique and reassuring shopping experience to your customers.

This guide will assist you in installing and using Custom Order Status optimally.


Order Status

Order No 247215, placed on 6 July

Rest Easy, Your Order is on Its Way 👍

Estimated Delivery Between 20 July 2024 and 30 July 2024

How to install COS on your site:

Easy installation, follow the guide.
Important: If not already done, please ensure that you check the boxes in the WooCommerce settings to allow your customers easy access to tracking their orders. You can access these settings by navigating to the WordPress dashboard, then clicking on 'WooCommerce > Settings > Accounts and Privacy.
Cases à cocher dans les paramètres WooCommerce
Tested on various themes, no worries if you're using WooCommerce — Our theme is compatible.
Our extension is approved for the theme designed and developed by WooCommerce's developers: Storefront, and it's also been tested with popular themes such as Flatsome, Divi, Astra, Porto, Shopkeeper, WoodMart, OceanWP, TheGem, Neve, and more.

- Log in to the WordPress admin - interface of your website.
- Click on the "Plugins" menu in the WordPress dashboard.
- Click the "Add New" button and then select "Upload Plugin."
- Click "Choose File" and browse to the location of your file on your computer.
- Click "Install Now" next to the "Custom Order Status" plugin.
- Once the installation is complete, click the "Activate" button.
- The "Custom Order Status" plugin is now installed on your WordPress site.

You can now add your key and start enjoying it, finally, relax !
To access COS settings, go to the WordPress admin interface. In the left-hand menu, under WooCommerce, just below "Orders," you'll find "Custom Order Status." Enter your license key in the first box. This will enable the plugin without any extra steps. You'll find the license key in the zip file you received. Later on, you can customize the texts to better fit your requirements.
Add up to 5 steps to your delivery tracking
5 étapes pour ajuster le suivi de livraison avec WooCommerce
By default, when you receive an order and the payment is confirmed, WooCommerce sets the order status to '[Processing].' With Custom Order Status, order tracking is fully automated, so you no longer need to take manual actions. However, if you wish, you can modify the order status or take action at any time.
The words [within brackets] are the terms used by WooCommerce.

Take Action on an Ongoing Order...

You can modify the order status at any time in the WP back-end !

Because sometimes it takes time to gather information 😅

you can put an order [on hold]

You can place an order [on hold] at any time in the WordPress back office and display a custom message.
Commande WooCommerce en attente
Commande prise en charge dans votre Pays

Default texts are designed to be used as-is or easily modified from the WordPress admin panel.

Simply go to the "Custom Order Status" section to access all predefined texts and customize them according to your needs. You can, if you wish, use HTML language to personalize the style.

... As soon as an update [customer note] is added to the order, it appears below the order

For example, you can add a tracking number to allow your customers to precisely track the delivery of their order from their customer area. This information and others can be added directly from the WooCommerce admin interface. A tracking link enables your customers to track their package in real-time. This feature provides your customers with detailed and additional delivery information to enhance their shopping experience on your site.
Ajouter un numéro de suivi très facilement avec WooCommerce et Custom Order Status
Mise à jour de la commande avec WooCommerce et Custom Order Status

To add a note to a WooCommerce order, follow the steps below:

  • Log in to your WordPress dashboard.
  • Access the WooCommerce orders page by clicking on "Orders" in the WooCommerce menu.
  • Select the order to which you want to add a note and click on it.
  • In the "Order notes" section on the right side of the page, click the "Add note" button.
  • Type the note you want to add in the text field.
  • To make it visible under the order tracking in the customer's account, select the "Customer note" checkbox.
  • Click the "Add" button to confirm.

Note: You can also add a private note that is not visible to the customer but only to the site administrator. This is very useful for adding information or updates about an order.

Because No entrepreneur enjoys having to cancel an order !

You can now use the status [cancel] 🤭

The [Canceled] order status in the WooCommerce backend of your WordPress site has been repurposed to serve a more constructive function. Rather than outright cancelling an order, we've implemented a feature that uses this status to mark orders that are pending further information. 

This approach not only prevents the finality of cancellation but also opens a channel for dialogue with the customer, offering solutions or gathering the necessary details to proceed with their order. This status is fully customizable, allowing for tailored communication that can significantly enhance customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.
Message automatique pour une commande WooCommerce annulée
WooCommerce commande annulée

Note that when the status of an order is changed, an email is automatically sent to the customer based on the settings defined in your WooCommerce plugin.

So, when you change the order status to "[canceled]," the customer receives an email (or not, depending on your choice) and can view your personalized message in their customer account.

Order [Refunded]

Display a Custom Text for Every [Refunded] Order
Commande WooCommerce Remboursée
Rembourser une commande WooCommerce

Order [completed]

Display a customized message for all [completed] orders.
Statut d'une commande terminée avec message personnalisé
Informer un client d'une commande Terminée avec Custom Order Status et WooCommerce

Sometimes, a few tips can be helpful. Why not add them?

When the estimated delivery time has passed, the order is considered delivered. An automatic message will also appear below the order after 20 days to inform your customer that if they haven't received their order yet, there's no need to worry. Typically, only customers who haven't received their order will read this message. It also provides tips for resolving potential delivery issues.

Order Status

Order No 247215, placed on 6 July 2023

Delivered 🏁

It's not uncommon for delivery companies to mark packages as "delivered" even when they may actually be delivered the next day, the following business day, or within a few days. If you have not received your package within 7 days, please reach out to us for assistance.

What to Do If You Haven't Received Your Package:

  • Check if someone else at your residence, like a neighbor or another household member, has received the package on your behalf.
  • For small packages, they might be directly placed in your mailbox without the mail carrier ringing the doorbell.
  • Your package might also be delivered based on your set delivery preferences, such as directly to a pickup point, in a secure location, or with a neighbor.
  • Look for any missed delivery notes left by the mail carrier in your mailbox, which will indicate the whereabouts or next steps for your package.

For any questions regarding this order, please refer to the FAQ section on our support center page.

In addition to the tips displayed after the estimated delivery date, you can add a link to a FAQ page to address any additional questions your customers may have if they haven't received their order yet. This is particularly important for dropshipping businesses as it can significantly reduce customer disputes, by up to 82%!

The FAQ page should include information about average delivery times for each destination, parcel tracking procedures, return and exchange policies, as well as customer service contact information. Customers can also find answers to frequently asked questions such as 'Where is my package?', 'What should I do if I receive a defective product?', 'How can I cancel my order?', and much more.

By providing clear and accurate answers to customer questions, you can reduce the number of disputes and improve their satisfaction. This can also build customer trust in your business and encourage them to make future purchases.

Solution rapide, évolutive et exceptionnelle pour accompagner votre business en ligne.
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