Always up to date! Compatible with the latest WooCommerce and WordPress versions.

Custom Order Status is a robust WooCommerce plugin designed to let you focus entirely on your business. It delivers an outstanding order tracking experience through its user-friendly and intuitive interface.

Provide your customers with a unique and comforting shopping experience. As a dropshipper or WordPress e-commerce site owner, you understand the importance of providing accurate tracking information to reassure your customers. Custom Order Status steps in here, offering you an Ultra-simple, convenient, and automated solution for allowing your customers to keep tabs on their order status.

Reduce Customer Disputes by 89%!

COS provides real-time order status, estimated delivery dates, and tailored messages to reassure your customers and enhance their shopping experience at every stage of the order process. Beneath the dynamic progress bar, real-time details such as order number, order date, estimated delivery time, delivery address, and customized messages for each tracking step are displayed.

  • Drastically reduces the volume of customer emails regarding order tracking.
  • Relieves your business from the hassle of manually managing order tracking emails.
  • Delivers an exceptional shopping experience to your customers.
  • Offers a fully automated, unique 5-step dynamic order tracking solution.
Delivery-time-for-Woocommerce-Custom-Order-Status Up-to-5-order-statues-with-Custol-Order-Status-for-woocommerce Customer-service-after-delivery-Custom-Order-Status
Solution rapide, évolutive et exceptionnelle pour accompagner votre business en ligne.
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